Snack menu


Guacamole. Avocado puree mixed with pico de gallo and chopped serrano pepper....$195

Michoacan gazpacho. Mix of carrot, Jícama and cucumber topped with Chamoy sauce or Chile Tajín...$115

Chaya and Edam cheese empanadas. (3 pc) Corn and chaya dough, stuffed with Edam cheese, served with sauce of fried tomato....$103

Empanadas de Cazón. (3 pc) corn-based empanadas, stuffed with Cazón stew, served over black beans and red sauce....$115

Salmon roll in Tamarind sauce 2 pieces. Special stew of Salmon and pepper leaf wrapped in filo pastry, served with tamarind sauce....$155

Nachos. Corn tortilla chips covered with a black bean sauce and gratin gouda cheese, served with guacamole and Mexican sauce....$155

Cheeseboard. variety of cheeses, accompanied by olives, melba bread and house jam....$195

Cheese board and cold meats. Variety of cheeses and cold meats, accompanied by olives, melba bread and house jam....$240


Ixchel tostada. Tuna loin in cubes, marinated in soy sauce with a touch of Xcatic chili, on a toasted corn tortilla,  with an avocado base, topped with radish and sprouts....$125

Ceviche Adelina 180 grams. Diced white fish, marinated with lemon juice, red onion, julienned serrano chili, a touch of garlic oil and oregano....$195

Shrimp Aguachile 180 grams. shrimp marinated in lime juice with cucumber, garlic oil, green cilantro dressing and serrano pepper....$275

Yucatan shrimp cocktail. Based on sweet and sour tomato sauce complemented with Mexican sauce, avocado and crackers....$275


Castacán octopus tacos, (3 pieces.). Corn tortilla tacos stuffed with fried octopus rolled in starch and spices, with a smooth avocado and serrano puree, served with side of  roasted pineapple, onion and habanero pico de gallo....$230

Sinaloa style Shrimp Tacos (3 pc), corn tortilla taco  with battered shrimp, cabbage and carrot salad, covered with a light rain of chipotle dressing....$195

Sirlon tacos, (2 pc.). Flour tortilla tacos with Sirlon meat, gratin with Edam cheese and bacon, served with  roasted pineapple, onion and habanero....$160

Chicken tacos, (2 pc.). Flour tortilla tacos with chicken meat, gratin with Edam cheese and bacon, served with roasted pineapple, onion and habanero....$130

Cochinita Pibil Tacos (3). 150 grams, traditional ancestral recipe cooked in pib, based on pork marinated in achiote, garnished with refried beans and pickled onion....$160



Gourmet Burger 200 grams. Angus beef, with freshly grated Gouda and Parmesan cheese, bacon, tomato and caramelized onion and dressed with Dijon mustard and chipotle mayonnaise, served with fries....$220

The Yuca Burger. Angus beef, and pibil pork, accompanied by freshly grated edam cheese, and caramelized onions and dressed with Dijon mustard and habanero mayonnaise, served with fries....$230

Fish and Chips, Battered fish in tempura, served with fries and tartar sauce...$195

Hot Dog. Bioche bread and beef sausage seasoned with tartar dressing, mustard and onion served with fries....$125

Baguette "Los Hechizos". 170 grams of sirlon strips, onions, covered with gouda cheese, side of house gravy and  fries...$250

Baguette Lol Be (vegetarian),with roasted carrot, zucchini, onion, mushroom and eggplant, complemented with olive and garlic dressing, servved with fries...$200

Cochinita pibil baguette, freshly made bread with black beans  and habanero dressing, stuffed with pork pibil meat servved with fries....$155


Hawaiian Pizza. with ham, pineapple and grated mozzarella cheese....$150
Pepperoni pizza. Pepperoni and grated mozzarella cheese....$150