At Rancho Encantado we want our visitors to have the best experience during their stay, that is why we have made an alliance with Paraíso Tours to offer our visitors tour options that will make their visit an endless adventure.

Boat ride through the "Laguna de los 7 Colores"

Magical Bacalar Tour

We invite you to explore Lake Bacalar, better known as the Lake of the 7 Colors. In this tour you will be able to visit some magical points such as: The mangroves that serve as a refuge for different species of birds, you will be able to observe orchids and bromeliads, you will visit the cenotes that feed this beautiful lake, and you will learn about the stromatolites (freshwater corals) and you can also swim, snorkel, and exfoliate with the mineral mud in this area.

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Fall in love with Bacalar enjoying the main attractions of this magical place. We will take you to visit the imposing Cenote Azul, the largest open cenote known, where you can swim and enjoy its crystal clear waters. Then we will get on a comfortable boat to navigate the Bacalar Lake, on the way you will see incredible landscapes and you will observe the lagoon in all its splendor with its different shades of blue that make it unique, you will pass over cenotes inside the lagoon until you reach the channel of the pirates. You will enjoy lunch in a restaurant with a dock to continue enjoying this beautiful landscape. We will then make a guided visit to the Bacalar Fort, a colonial military building that served as a defense against pirates and rebellious Mayans and now houses an interesting museum.

Kayak Tour

Mahahual Tour

Exciting kayak adventure through the Bacalar lake. Relax kayaking in its calm waters fed by underground currents to travel a route of great beauty and natural value, know the stromatolites, proof of the first forms of life on earth, visit the mangroves that support life in the lake, the mogotes that They host local birds and lilies that stand out in the transparency of this magical lagoon and give yourself some time to immerse yourself in this unique natural paradise.

Swimming in the crystal clear sea of Mahahual is an unforgettable experience. You will discover the beautiful virgin beaches of this ecotourism town, ideal for resting and relaxing. We will move to Mahahual to spend the day in front of the sea, you will have at your disposal the comforts of a beach club where you can swim, rest or do activities. On the way back we will pass through a Mayan town of organic honey producers.

Tour a Kohunlich

Tour a Calakmul

Descubre Kohunlich, bella y majestuosa ciudad maya resguardada por enormes árboles y palmeras de corozos. Recorre sus amplios senderos para subirte a grandes edificios y caminar por sus grandes plazas. Entre sus pirámides se distingue el Templo de los Mascarones, donde cinco grandes dioses de piedra miran eternamente hacia el poniente. Estos rostros esculpidos en piedra son los mas bellos del mundo maya. Al final de esta mágica visita, disfrutaras del almuerzo frente a la hermosa Laguna Milagros.

Poderosa capital del reino maya “Cabeza de Serpiente”. Calakmul, enemigo político y militar de la gran Tikal, dominó por varios siglos las tierras del sur de Yucatán. Vive la experiencia única de visitar esta imponente ciudad maya con mas de 6,000 vestigios arqueológicos localizados en la reserva de la biosfera de Calakmul, lugar de enorme diversidad biológica. Con sus estelas labradas en piedra, sus paisajes y su entorno natural, Calakmul te marcara por siempre.