Dinner menu


Tomato soup. Thick roasted tomato soup with rosemary, based on vegetables, served with fried corn tortillas, flavored with epazote and garlic, topped with an avocado slices....$120

Shrimp bisque. Delicious soup made with roasted shrimp and roasted tomatoes, flavored with a touch of xtabetun liqueur, served with cubes of roasted plantains and garlic croutons....$195


Guacamole. Made at the table to the diner's taste, complemented with chopped tomato, serrano pepper, white onion and pork rinds....$195

Trio of dips. Sikil pack, garlic dip, xcatic pepper dip, served with tortilla chips and Melba toast....$195

Panuchos. Three fried corn tortillas stuffed with black beans, one with cochinita pibil, one with marinated chicken and one with vegetables with oregano....$115

Mayan octopus carpaccio. Octopus slices season with oregano and garlic oil, with a few drops of xcatic peper dip and Melba toast....$255

Xtabentun Shrimp. 180grams of Shrimp U16 sautéed with Xtabentun liquor and Creole species, side of mashed sweet potato and vegetables.....$385

Cheeseboard. variety of cheeses, served with olives, melba toast and house jam....$195

Cheese board and cold cuts. Variety of cheeses and cold cuts, served with olives, melba toast and house jam....$240


Grilled vegetables. Grilled vegetables, such as mushrooms, carrots, local pumpkin, eggplant, plantain and apple, seasoned with a mixture of fine oil, toasted pumpkin seed and amaranth....$175

vegan tacos. Fresh vegetables mounted on a sheet of jicama, seasoned with a chef's vinaigrette and avocado.....$160

Chickpea ceviche. Cooked chickpeas, mixed with bell pepper, red onion, cilantro and avocado, marinated in lemon juice and a light touch of garlic oil....$180

Veggie Bowl. Bowl with a base of quinoa, chickpeas, black beans, yellow corn, red bell pepper, tomato, carrot and avocado, seasoned with orange and mustard vinaigrette and sweet and sour mango sauce.....$185

Pastas, pizzas & sandwiches

Yucatan pasta. Spaghetti with shrimp sautéed with xtabentun liquor, covered in a delicious xcatik pepper sauce and a light rain of Edam cheese....$295

Lasagna Chichen.  Layered lasagna pasta with vegetables, chiltomate sauce, pickled onion and fresh cheese...$180

Peasant Pizza. Freshly made dough, mounted with zucchini, carrot, red onion, corn and caramelized beets and mozarella cheese....$265

Margarita pizza. The traditional one, mounted with tomato slices, toasted oregano, grated cheese, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil....$200

Gourmet Pizza. Delicious freshly made pizza with select ingredients, serrano ham, goat cheese, spinach, caramelized pecans, apple, toasted oregano, grated cheese, mozzarella cheese....$285

Baguette "Los Hechizos". 170 grams of sirlon strips, onions,  with gouda cheese and avocado, served with house gravy and potato wedges....$250

Baguette Lol Be (vegetarian), Baguette stuffed with roasted carrot, zucchini, onion, mushroom and eggplant, complemented with olive and garlic dressing, accompanied by potato wedges....$200

Main courses

Fish fillet in Makulan sauce. Grouper fillet 180 grams baked, covered with a velvety Mexican sauce of pepper leaves, served with a smooth mashed sweet potato and grilled vegetables....$440

Octopus with Chirimole. 180 grams of grilled octopus covered on a chirimole sauce, accompanied by mashed cauliflower and roasted plantain slices....$380

Salmon with herbs. 180 gr of Baked Salmon fillet covered with a fine herbs sauce,  served over mashed plantains and layeres of vegetables....$370

Crispy shrimp. 180 grams of Shrimp 16/20 breaded with amaranth, complemented with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce served with mashed  sweet potatoes and baked vegetables....$385

RIB EYE, 230grams of Angus quality, grilled, covered with a smooth red wine sauce, garnished with grilled vegetables and sautéed potatoes with garlic....$495

Fillet Mignon Popol vuh (300 gr). Angus beef fillet covered with a soft mushroom sauce, with vegetables and mashed cauliflower....$520

Chicken Kaap (200 gr) . Chicken breast grilled and cooked in its juices, with a rich honey and ginger sauce, served with mashed cauliflower  and roasted vegetables....$235


Soft drinks.....$45


Iced Tea .....$60

Fruit water .....$65

Water Bottle.....$45



Milk Chocolate, hot or cold .....$55

Domestic Beers .....$55

Corona & Corona Light....$55

Bohemia & Heineken .....$70

Stella Artois Beer .....$70

Michelada or Chelada Mix .....$25

Clamato mix .....$40






Seasonal fruit  Mostachon. Incredible meringue cake with great flavor, made with crunchy biscuit and pecans, with a smooth cream cheese and fresh seasonal fruits....$110

Chocolate Tamale. Made with dark chocolate mixed with nuts, wrapped in a banana leaf,  served with  vanilla ice cream....$125

House flan. The classic vanilla flavor with a creamy texture...$78

Chocolate brownie. Artisan bitter chocolate cake with pecans, with a scoop of ice cream....$88

Creamy cheese cake with guava. Special recipe of the house, cheese cake with, with a sheet of guava jam sauce....$95

The Balam. Sweet papaya served with crispy Edam cheese, and vanilla sauce....$88


* The weight of the proteins in the dishes is calculated raw.