Hotel Rancho Encantado

Lunch and Dinner Menu


Black bean soup, garnished with fried corn tortilla, flavored with epazote and garlic, topped with thin slices of avocado .....$95

Lime soup, the quintessential soup of regional cuisine, simmered chicken consommé with sweet chili peppers, aromatic spices, roasted tomatoes and sour lime, served with shredded chicken, and fried tortilla strips $ 95.00


“Los Hechizos” Salad, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, carrots, red onion, coriander, and house dressing.....$120

Grilled Vegetable Salad, slices of zucchini, Carrot, cauliflower and plantain, bathed in house chimichurri during cooking....$120


Guacamole..... $110

Chaya and Edam cheese empanadas, made from corn dough mixed with chaya leaves, stuffed with Edam cheese, accompanied by fried tomato sauce......$99

Shrimp Quesadilla, flour tortilla  stuffed with creamy shrimp stew with Edam cheese, served with Mexican sauce and avocado .....$99

Salmon Roll 2 pieces, salmon wrapped in philo dough, served with Tamarind sauce......$150

Shrimp roll 2 pieces, shrimp stew with sweet chili peppers and red tomatoes, with white wine essence, wrapped in a philo dough, served with chipotle chili dressing .....$150


Tostada Ixchel,  dices of  tuna steak (raw) marinated in soy sauce with a touch of Xcatic chili, on avocado-based toasted corn tortilla, topped with radish and sprouts ......$115

Fish Ceviche* 180 grams, diced raw fish marinated in lemon juice, with onions, thin strips of serrano peppers, garlic oil & oregano.....$195

Shrimp Aguachile* 180 grams, raw shrimp marinated in lemon juice, with a green sauce of serrano pepper and cilantro......$275


Gourmet Burger 200 grams *, angus beef with gouda and freshly grated parmesan cheese, tomato and bacon, caramelized onions and seasoned with Dijon mustard and chipotle mayonnaise, served with potato wedges...$195

"Los Hechizos” Baguette, stuffed with onion and flank steak strips with Gouda cheese and avocado,
served with potato wedges and homemade gravy....$220

Baguette Lol Be. Vegetarian baguette, stuffed with roasted carrot, zucchini, onion, mushroom and eggplant,
​complemented with garlic and olive dressing, served with potato wedges....$150

Cochinita Pibil Tacos (3) 150 grams, traditional cooked buried underground, roasted shredded pork, marinated with annatto seeds and citrus juices, with refried black beans on the side and garnished with pickled onions.....$150

Grilled Fish Tacos (3) 150 grams, grilled dices of fish, over corn tortillas; garnished with lettuce, tomato, cabbage, carrot and avocado. Served with habanero pepper mayonnaise on the side.....$150

“Carnitas” tuna tacos, fresh tuna cubes, rolled in corn flour and house spices, fried and served in a blue corn tortilla, side of pineapple and habanero pico de gallo....$185

Octopus Castacán Tacos (3) 150 grams, diced fried crispy octopus, with avocado and habanero dressing, in blue corn tortilla, accompanied by Mexican sauce and lemon.....$175

Taco Merary (1 piece ),  delicious shrimp taco, the perfect mix of golden corn kernels, epazote, shrimp and cheese dressing, mounted on a tortilla fried on an avocado paste ....... $ 95


Caribbean Lobster Tail, choice of, garlic sauce, meuniere or butter, with complements such as grilled vegetables and a banana or sweet potato puree.
(Price according to weight) $ 2.70 per gram

Fish fillet in Makulan sauce, Grouper fillet (180 gr) baked in the oven, covered with a velvety Mexican pepperleaf sauce, accompanied by a smooth sweet potato puree and grilled vegetables....$270

Spaghetti with shrimp, spaghetti with white wine-based shrimp sauce and a touch of crushed red pepper...$290

Grilled Octopus "Poc Chuc" style 180 grams. Grilled octopus with sour orange sauce, garlic oil and spices,
served with black beans, roasted onion with habanero essence and chiltomate sauce....$330

Salmon in Pineapple Sauce (180 grams), baked in caramelized pineapple sauce with a light essence of habanero chili, served with mashed sweet potatoes and vegetables....$310

Shrimps with Mezcal sauce 180 grams, baked on maguey leaf, with a dash of mezcal, sided with mashed sweet potatoes and grilled vegetables......$310

Crispy shrimp, Amaranth breaded shrimp, with tamarind sauce and garnished with sweet potato purée and baked vegetables.....$310

Queso Relleno, edam cheese roll, stuffed with seafood stew, simmered with local spices, sweet chili peppers and sherry wine, served over white rice and a white sauce, topped with a fried tomato, onion and almond sauce ....$285.00

Arrachera Ranchera 230 grams, grilled flank steak, served with fried black beans, guacamole and nopal salad......$260

Steak Yaan Box, angus tender loin steak (300 gr) in a sauce of dried chili peppers, accompanied by mashed plantain and mayan spinach with corn kernels....$430

Chicken curry (200 gr) Chicken breast seared and cooked in its own juice, flavored with garlic and fine herbs, covered with a creamy curry sauce, sides of plantain puree and baked vegetables ... $ 180.00


Soft drinks.....$45$40.....Pitcher.....$120



Bottled water.....$30



Chocolate Milk, hot or cold.....$45

Domestic Beers.....$48

Corona & Corona Light....$50

Premium Beers (Heineken & Bohemia).....$65

Stella Artois.....$65

Michelada or Chelada Mix.....$20

Clamato Mix.....$35


Coffee ..... $ 49

Espresso ..... $ 49

Cappuccino ..... $ 59


House made Flan, the classic vainilla flavor with creamy texture.

Chocolate brownie, artisan dark chocolate cake with walnuts and a with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Creamy cheese cake with guava jam.



* The weight of the protein in the dishes is calculated in raw.